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Reduce the Chance of the rats Entering your Property

Rats & Rodent Control NoidaRats are very harmful and they are the species that can spread infections like Hantavirus, Rat bite fever, Murine typhus, Salmonella. They are also responsible for damaging the stocks and buildings with their sharp teeth that can help them get through the wooden doors and plastic and even mild steel. Rat Control Noida has the ability to understand the danger of rats and so we adopt some of the innovative plans which can help us control the growth of rats.

Reasons Why Rats are the most dangerous household creatures 

Rats are pests to the majority of us, and there's no getting around it. They're cunning, they go for our food, and they spread illnesses.

You might even argue they have a poor reputation when it comes to rats. There are over 2200 species of rodents, and while some of them are pests (e.g. mice, voles, gophers, and so on), they aren't as widely despised as rats.

The brown rat (common rat) and the black rat (sewer rat) are two of the 50 known species of rat that we are most likely to be familiar with. Both are infamous as home pests. In fact, one might argue that rats are the most hazardous of all known domestic pests.

Here are six reasons why we feel rats are probably far more destructive as pests than you think:

Rats are incredibly intelligent

Rats may readily invade your house for a reason. The "place cells" or "place neurons" in these creatures' brains are highly specialized.

These place cells offer rats an incredible capacity to recall places, allowing them to not only find the best ways in and out of your house but also to explore alternatives by remembering alternate entry points and exits.

Rats are incredibly adaptable

Rats can also get into your home from above by using overhead power wires or other cables to check if they can get in via your roof or a carelessly opened attic window.

While rats may be capable of surviving a 50-foot fall without significant injury, balancing themselves on a length of overhead line is a very straightforward task. That's because rats' tails, which are roughly the same length as their bodies, may serve as either a counterbalance (to keep them balanced) or an extra hand.

Rats are powerful creatures

Rats are powerful (and determined) enough to open doors, so don't underestimate them. A motivated rat can readily open cabinets, drawers, container lids, and even your refrigerator door.

Rats have also been observed lifting things somewhat heavier than their body weight, implying that larger, more evolved individuals may readily transport a one-pound bag of food.

Rats can squeeze through even the tiniest of openings

Rats seem to be made for infiltration; as long as their little heads fit into a gap, a hole, a fissure, or an opening, rats can compress their bigger bodies and wriggle their way through.

This is because rats' ribcages have the ability to "flatten" or "collapse" when they need to. Individual ribs attached to the rodent's spine are hinged, allowing them to compress (allowing the rat to squeeze through the opening) and then extend back to normal once everything is clear.

Rats converse with one another

Most pest control professionals will tell you that catching groups of rats is tough; you're more likely to capture them one at a time. You might wonder why that is. It's because rats can warn other rats to keep away when they're in danger, allowing them to flee and hide.

Rats use an ultrasonic secret language to communicate with one another, and they continuously update other rats nearby. They may communicate fear, satisfaction, or distress to other rats nearby by a succession of squeaks and chitters that are difficult to hear with human hearing.

Pest Control Noida adopts the rat management, control and elimination process which begins with the inspection of the property to understand the path which rats follow for your home and then closing the areas so that it keeps the rats away from the property. Rats are actually underestimated by most of the people, but they are very harmful and responsible for some dangerous diseases. We deal with chemicals and so our professionals take proper measure which can protect the life of the people.

Our inspection will involve the meticulous overview of your property. Rats have the ability to climb to the top of the shelf and contaminate the food. Rats Control Noida extension gives you the opportunity to make the call immediately in case your house is under the attack of rats. Our professionals will offer you with proper guidance which can help you keep the rats and rodents far away from the home.

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